Why texting is one of the most important forms of communication during disasters

Sometimes, it can seem as though we don’t fully recover from one hurricane season when the next one is upon us. What can make a big difference before, during and after the hurricane is effective communication because it gives people the information they require, reminds them that they are supported by their communities and their faith, and can be a lifeline for those in need.

For many reasons, texting is the best communication option during emergencies:

Age Group Cell Phone Owners
18-49 90%
50-64 88%
65 and over 74%

  • In the 55+ age group, cell phone users send and receive 16 texts a day on average.
  • Cell phones do not depend on ‘pole and line’ technology but on weather-sturdy cellular towers.
  • Texts don’t require a data plan or a smartphone to send and receive and are more likely to go through than a call.
  • Texts are more likely to be read than emails and responded to than calls, especially among the under 50s.

What You'll Learn

Our H-ALERT preparation suggestions

Learn what is recommended to be put in place ‘in case’.

Reminders and actions

Discover what specific things you should be doing before, during and after a hurricane or other emergency.

Digital templates

Check out our timesaving, ‘cloneable’, text message swipe copies -- just copy, paste, and tweak with your specific details.

Organizing help

Find out how to capture the data of people in need and get them the assistance they require.

From my personal experience and my experience working with dozens of churches using PastorsLine during disasters, we have put together a brief Disaster Communication texting plan to cover things you should do before, during or after a natural disaster like a hurricane. We found that bulk texting really made a difference in so many ways and wanted to pass on this knowledge to you.

Results Churches Are Seeing after Implementing our Suggestions

Small, medium, large, mega, traditional, modern and everything in between are all raving about how our guides helped save time and relieve stress.

“[PastorsLine is] a huge answer to something we’ve been looking for. I was able to send a template with a field merge by scheduling it... ”

Dr. Matthew Robinson | Pastor

"Just with our welcome process, we have gone from a 40% READ rate to a 95% READ rate and from a 3-4% CONVERSATION rate to a 40% CONVERSATION rate.”

Tommy Carreras. | Groups Dir.

“...the guest connection card...We had a great response -- people whose names and contact info we might not have captured otherwise. Our autoresponder directs them to our Welcome Center...where we have a gift...with their name on it." 

Kristen Waddle | Comms.

"Baptism Worship Service Reminders - bulk texting—we were blown away by the number of people who showed up." 

Cara Saliby | Dir. of Admin.

The text message Bible study invites are working great! We saw a huge increase from 5-6 to 10-12 and the numbers stayed consistent."

Zeke Vas | Pastor

"Text messaging is the preferred communication channel for [our] club. It takes a lot less time, and everyone gets the message. "

Julie | Kids Club Director

"When we finished our evangelistic meeting in Houston, 70% of those who were baptized communicated with me through Pastorsline...it had a big influence."

Wyatt Allen | Evangelist

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